2014 Toyota Corolla

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2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla  is setting about to develop excitement about perhaps one of the company’s longest-running and the majority conservative nameplates : the Corolla. It’s an uphill climb which started months ago using the 2013 Toyota Corolla Furia concept producing the rounds in the significant 2013 American auto shows and culminated using the official launch from the new `Rolla in Santa Monica. The redesign aims to deliver a few lifestyle back again straight into the design when many years of languishing whilst the complete Toyota lineup was redesigned about it.

The Corolla is really a serious money cow for Toyota, along with 2012 revenue reaching nearly Three hundredunited nations monitors. the unarmed observers have, 000 units, despite the shortage of substantive changes because 2003. What’s the rush to exchange a design whose tooling and engineering prices have long because been paid off? When eleven many a long time, the 2014 design finally promises to deliver the Corolla straight into the fold along with modern electronics and styling, refined engines and a lot of spacious dimensions all about.

These expecting revolution will certainly be mildly disappointed, however the changes are far deeper when compared to a facelift in hopes of re-energizing what has turn into a laughing stock inside the wider automotive enthusiast community. Desperate to ditch its beige image, the new Corolla promises to succeed back again the boy-racer crowd that’s long-since abandoned the Corolla in favor from the mechanically comparable Scion tC coupe as well as rear-drive Scion FR-S.

Along with 2 solid sports activities designs inside the Scion corner of Toyota showrooms, will the new Corolla’s vogue risk alienating loyalists? Or maybe the new updates merely massage inside a quieter ride, much better infotainment tech and a little more area in the rear?

Ahead from the 2014’s arrival in early September, we’ve ready a full review, image gallery and styling analysis from the new Corolla.

2014 Toyota Corolla Interior

Telling the real story of the new Corolla sedan means talking about the interior. As we mentioned, this is a very nice interior – even the car’s headliner material is impressive. There’s plenty of stretch-out space in the front seats, and the newly extended wheelbase gives rear-seat passengers world-record legroom. Rear headroom, however, is compromised by the jaunty sweep of the Corolla’s C-pillar/roofline into the trunk – good to look at, but requires ducking from tall-torsoed riders in back.

corolla 191 1024x682 2014 Toyota Corolla 2014 Toyota Corolla Exterior

Thanks to its 2014 redo, the all-new exterior styling has allowed the Corolla to move away from an anonymity that the Federal Witness Protection Program can’t duplicate to an appealing series of folded edges in search of big wheels and tires to punctuate its stance (15-inch steel wheels are standard on base models, but find a way to move up to 16- or 17-inch wheels in steel or aluminum if you can). The car looks especially good in darker colors. And while the trunk capacity is a pinch bigger than the previous-generation Corolla, the trunk opening is smaller.

2014 Toyota Corolla Pricing

Starting with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of around $17,500 for the Corolla L and reaching over $24,000 for a Corolla S model loaded past the point of “a good value,” the 2014 Toyota Corolla resides right in the heart of the compact-sedan pricing spectrum. Notably, that high end is also where you can enjoy some really nice midsize sedans as well. Before you close a deal on your new Corolla, be sure to check out the KBB.com Fair Purchase Price to see what kinds of deals other folks in your area are getting for theirs. Since the 2014 Corolla is an “all-new” vehicle, it’s too early for us to make a call on how well it’s going to hold its value over the years, but we will go on the record saying that no brand retains its resale value more consistently than Toyota.

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